What does Jovi do:
Jovi Beauty's funny and insightful beauty shop style conversational content offers black women lifestyle and relationship advice based on discussions around celebrity news, celebrity relationships, and pop culture topics.
Jovi promotes Black women femininity through living your life like it's golden.
believing that when Black women embrace their true femininity and self-love, the entire community wins.
interesting, WHAT ELSE:
Jovi is a NYC native and graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology with degrees in International Trade & Marketing, Merchandising & communications. 
Jovi is all about the aesthetics, vibes and creating the lifestyle that all Black women should experience!!!
Creator of the Jovi Beauty's Golden Retreat a luxury retreat created for black women to live their lives like it's golden and Why You So Golden Sis!?! Docu-Series profiling and documenting amazing black women who not only rest in their feminine but thrive through it.
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For promotional and business collaborations,  or for any personal questions, you can reach me here: 

Culture@JoviBeauty.com or drop me a line:

Brooklyn, New York

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