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Finishing School for Regular Black Women & Girls

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*Black Femininity For The Win*

Jovi Beauty School works to transform the mindset of regular black women and girls into confident ladies who know their value isn’t depicted in rap lyrics.​

It’s hard for regular black girls in our world. Everything seems to be geared towards making black women lose... Through society's image of us, the expectations of single motherhood, repeating generational curses, being too damn strong, feeling undesirable and a plethora of other falsities.  

The education and training cultivated at the Jovi Beauty School through our courses, classes, daily talk show and more give black women and girls an opportunity to become what they thought they could never be... worthy!

We build and cultivate self-confidence, social grace, personal representation, communication skills, relationship building, and a plethora of other soft skills needed for black women to thrive not only romantically but in life in general.