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My Pots Are Better Than Yours | Le Creuset

Updated: May 18, 2023

Jovi Beauty Le Creuset pot set
le Creuset pot set

In the middle of Covid, I decided, randomly one day, that I needed new pots and pans. And not just any old pots. GROWN-UP POTS. I turned 40 and I realized that I didn’t have any of those good Pass Down To Your Kids pots or the Lenox China I have wanted since I was a child.

Let’s be honest, I already knew Le Creuset would have been the pots I started to collect and accumulate but the research and color selection av available solidified it!

I currently have 3 pots, a grill pan, a fish baking dish, 2 regular baking pans, and a set of 4 mini single-serve baking dishes for good measure.

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